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CDA ACT is proud to announce our 2023 production
at the CDA Kroc Center!

                   Thursday, Nov. 2nd – 7:30pm                                   Friday, Nov. 3rd – 7:30pm  

                    Saturday, Nov. 4th – 3pm                                          Sunday, Nov. 5th – 3pm                                                                                                                                

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About Us


CDA ACT, Inc. offers adults with physical and/or developmental disabilities the tools and support necessary to experience and excel in performing arts, via community theater, celebrating their abilities with the entire community.

Our production team consists of professionals from Hollywood, Spokane and Coeur d’ Alene. Their expertise in costumes, sets and directing is what allows us to produce truly professional productions.  

Group of people on stage


CDA ACT, originally known as Out of the Shadows Theater, was created to provide adults with physical and/or developmental disabilities the experience of participating in live theater. Our community came together in many ways to support us, providing their time, talent and financial support. 

Our first production, Beauty and the Beast, Jr., came to life on stage at the Kroc Center in 2016.  Every actor had a “shadow” or support person that stood behind them on stage dressed in all black to keep the spotlight on our actors.  They are there to assist with lines, songs, choreography or just to provide emotional support.  

Five productions later, in 2021, seven actors were able to confidently perform onstage, solo, without a shadow. Several of our actors have also gone on to participate in productions with other community theaters.